Fairmount Green Solutions

Fairmount Green Solutions (FGS) is an environmentally focused engineering firm that works to achieve sustainable solutions through innovative engineering.

Our Beliefs

Through engineering and collaboration we can achieve sustainable solutions that have both environmental and community impact.

Our work focuses on improving the environment and quality of life for all, with a special interest in those most vulnerable to environmental degradation and its effects. FGS works to improve the environment for all people in developing countries by partnering with cities, non-profits, businesses, public health, and environmental policymakers.

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Who we collaborate with


We work with partners who are looking to implement innovative and sustainable design solutions. We provide consulting, coordinating, and recruiting services to achieve project success.


We work with funding sources that support projects that have a strong development potential and an environmental impact.

Field Experts

We work with field experts that provide expertise that meets the specific needs and goals of each project.